The Benefit Of Doubt

The Benefit Of Doubt- 3 Important Things You Should Know

The Benefit Of Doubt is a condition when you decide to believe someone’s words or behavior, even though you are not entirely sure. This concept is really important in a relationship, be it friendship, work to love. In fact, what is The Benefit Of Doubt? let’s explored

The definition of The Benefit Of Doubt

The Benefit Of Doubt often occurs when you doubt someone’s words, but choose to believe them because there is no solid proof. In a way, this is similar to the assumption of innocence. This behavior usually applies to people you care about who have done bad things to you. Not that you believe he did nothing wrong. This concept helps you to believe that it is done by accident and to believe that no one is perfect.

The Benefit Of Doubt


Although continuous practice can have adverse effects, it is beneficial to apply the concept of The Benefit Of Doubt to the closest person. One of them is to change your perspective. In addition, adopting this behavior can also give your brain a break to relax. Often, when you feel uncertain about someone, it can take hours or even days to regain trust and comfort in the person you’re talking to.  As your brain relaxes more by applying this principle, you also release an unpleasant atmosphere. That way, the conflict won’t get worse.

The Benefit Of Doubt- 3 Important Things You Should Know

As reported in the Huffington Post, The Benefit Of Doubt actually gives you a number of benefits, both for yourself and for others. Some of them are as follows:

1. Believe in yourself

The Benefit Of Doubt turns out to make you learn to believe in yourself. Through this concept, you will be trained on whether you trust other people’s words or yourself more. For example, another person’s words are very persuasive, which is completely different from the attitude he shows. Instead of rushing into reviews, try applying this concept.

The Benefit Of Doubt

Take a close look without hastily deciding that he is a liar. If, after being observed, there is confusion between his behavior and his words, it is possible that he is actually lying. However, self-serving behavior that continues even though you have seen it as unusual can also have a negative impact. It can hurt you. So try to be honest and believe in yourself about what you want and feel.

2. Forgive yourself

This concept turns out to be used not only for others but also for yourself. For example, you easily get along with others even when they let you down. Now, you begin to lower your standards of expectations, so that when you make the same mistake with yourself, it will be easier for you to forgive yourself. However, of course, the benefit of doubtful interest is not the norm for you to be self-disciplined, huh?

3. Understand people better

In addition to forgiving yourself, The Benefit Of Doubt is that you understand others better. This happens because when you decide to trust them, you try to put yourself in their shoes when you speak. For example, you will consider the reasons the other party gives for their actions. You’ll also take into account other factors that might cause the person to behave this way.

It may seem like oversimplifying the boundaries you might have created, but there’s no harm in looking at it from a different perspective. This can exercise your empathy. The Benefit Of Doubt is relative. Will you continue to do this to make it easier for others to convince you or do you have a good reason to apply the concept of The Benefit Of Doubt to others? All are at your fingertips.

The downsides of the doubt

When we do not understand the truth, it is easy to develop an attitude of doubt as a kind of reaction to protect our selfish ego. Our “classic” habit is that when we doubt something, we are almost convinced that it is true, not wanting to find out or discover more.

Even when we are provided with information that has a clear basis to help us better understand the object, it is not easy to open our hearts to receive it. We always think: It’s easy to find out the sea. / Who can measure the heart with a yardstick?

We turn the reminder “be careful when you put your trust” into an immutable mantra to cover up your fear, weakness, and irresponsibility. Therefore, sometimes the truth is exposed, but we are immersed in endless delusions, and then fall into wrong perceptions and judgments.
Even when the other person shows no signs of being suspicious, they are nice and cute, we know that but still can’t resist our tendency to doubt.

The Benefit Of Doubt

If left untreated, it will sooner or later turn to more serious levels such as judgment or slander. Meanwhile, a person with strong inner strength never suspects that others do bad things to him. Because they have the ability to deal calmly with all changes.

We didn’t know that every time we had the thought of doubting another person, whether they were really bad or not, very toxic energy was created in our mind. It both burns away the peaceful energy and makes us lose the opportunity to contact the mysterious life. Because we are always busy looking for more evidence.

Although we haven’t uttered any words or actions to express our doubts, once we have turned our minds to the other person to send doubt, we have sent bad energy. Rather, I owe them a bad feeling.

According to the “law of emotional balance”, they will seek to return us another bad emotion, if they realize that our suspicions are of a bad nature. Otherwise, the universe will also ask another object to return us another bad emotion. The worst thing is that we mistakenly suspect a benevolent, virtuous person – where countless peaceful energies of the universe gather – the consequences will be incalculable.