Best Hong Kong Restaurant For Dim Sum
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Best Hong Kong Restaurant For Dim Sum

Chinese cuisine, there are three adjectives to describe it: sophisticated, long-standing, and diverse. One of the dishes that fully converge the three adjectives mentioned above is Dim sum. If you are planning to search for restaurants for this dish, then check out Best Hong Kong Restaurant For Dim Sum.

Above & Beyond

There is no other restaurant in Hong Kong with a great view of this bustling city where you can enjoy great food. Above & Beyond, located on the fourth floor of Hotel Icon, will not disappoint you with its professional service style and exquisitely decorated spaces.

Above & Beyond

We believe you should enjoy this dim sum dish according to the chef’s preferences because it will provide you with an unusual and novel experience. Above & Beyond’s menu includes dim sum, soups, appetizers, seafood, meat, and vegetable dishes, among other things. Steamed scallop dumplings, crispy roasted pork belly, and stir-fried lobster with ginger and scallions are among the restaurant’s most popular dishes.

Above & Beyond is known for its elegant and sophisticated ambiance in addition to its cuisine. The restaurant’s decor is modern, with an emphasis on natural materials like wood and stone. The dining room is light and airy, with large windows providing stunning views of the harbor.

Celestial Court Chinese Restaurant

Celestial Court Restaurant, located inside the Sheraton, serves excellent dim sum. It is also a specialty dish at the award-winning Cantonese restaurant, which specializes in Chinese cuisine. All dishes have a traditional feel and authentic taste, and nearly all offerings are near perfect, including steamed dumplings, deep-fried vegetarian spring rolls, and steamed rice paper with scallops and squash.

Celestial Court Chinese Restaurant

Dim sum means ‘touch your heart. This Celestial Court restaurant’s food and atmosphere are extremely popular with all of its customers. Celestial Court’s menu features a variety of dishes such as dim sum, soups, seafood, meat, and vegetable dishes. Popular dishes at the restaurant include barbecued pork, deep-fried prawns with salted egg yolk, and steamed fish with ginger and scallions.

The restaurant also has a selection of set menus that are popular for special occasions like weddings and business dinners. These menus feature a variety of dishes, often served in courses, and are intended to highlight the best of Cantonese cuisine. This is the next place in Best Hong Kong Restaurant For Dim Sum.

DimDimSum Specialty Store (Mong Kok)

The Dim dim sum restaurant system in Hong Kong is highly well-known; this popularity has spread to Shanghai, where many Dim dim sum branches have opened and are very well-known. Dim sum restaurants are ideal for introducing someone to Chinese cuisine.

Given the excellent quality of the food delivered to customers, all of the regular dishes on the menu at the restaurant are reasonably priced. The delicious dishes combined with special spices set Dim dim sum apart from other restaurants.

DimDimSum Specialty Store (Mong Kok)

Some interesting combinations could include seafood stuffed eggplant with teriyaki sauce and spring rolls with shrimp and Thousand Islands sauce. This restaurant has been named one of the top ten must-try restaurants in Hong Kong. For diners to choose from, the restaurant’s space creates a simple elegant atmosphere that is clean and air-conditioned.

Furthermore, there are many vegetarian dishes available at the restaurant, all of which are unique and delicious. Although it is a vegetarian steamed bun, it is very tasty and appealing or steamed rice cake with mushrooms, which is also very tasty. Deep-fried vegetarian buns and tofu stuffed in mushroom soup are two other vegetarian dishes that customers enjoy. This is the next place in Best Hong Kong Restaurant For Dim Sum.

Dim Sum Icon

When introduced on Instagram, Dim Sum Icon’s cutely decorated dishes are always a hit. This place is not only adorable but also cool. There are two Dim Sum Icons, one at the Center and one at TST, both of which impress with chocolate cakes shaped like fun cartoon children as well as cute little ones. Angry pig cake with adorable expressions.

Restaurant icons change regularly, so you may be surprised by how the restaurant is organized when you visit. It has served Miffy coconut pudding, Gudetama custard tarts, Garfield-themed shrimp dumplings, and Kanahei sausage rolls since its inception.

Dim Sum Icon

We’re sure you’ve seen these adorable cuddly egg dim sums on your social media feeds. Gudetama, Sanrio’s yellow lazy egg, has infiltrated Dim Sum Icon and unleashed beautiful, fresh steamed buns in a traditional dim sum basket on your table!

Dim Sum Icon also frequently changes themes, the most recent being Spongebob Squarepants! Come from the pineapple-shaped house beneath the sea and become dim sum on your basket, relive your childhood memories with your cartoon characters while eating delicious shrimp-flavored dumplings. This is the next place in Best Hong Kong Restaurant For Dim Sum.


Duddell’s is a Michelin-starred restaurant in Hong Kong’s Central district. The restaurant is well-known for its contemporary Cantonese cuisine, art exhibitions, and elegant ambiance. Duddell’s menu includes dishes inspired by traditional Cantonese cuisine as well as more innovative and modern creations. Popular dishes at the restaurant include crispy barbecued pork, pan-seared wagyu beef, and steamed fish with black bean sauce.

Duddell’s is also known for its contemporary art exhibitions, which feature works by both established and emerging artists. The restaurant also has its art gallery, which hosts a variety of exhibitions throughout the year.


The elegant and sophisticated ambiance of the restaurant makes it a popular choice for business dinners, special occasions, and romantic dates. With high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, and modern decor featuring works by prominent contemporary artists, the dining room is spacious and airy.

Overall, Duddell’s is a well-known Hong Kong restaurant known for its excellent cuisine, contemporary art exhibitions, and elegant ambiance. It is an excellent choice for those seeking a fine dining experience that combines culinary and artistic delights. This is the next place in Best Hong Kong Restaurant For Dim Sum.

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Treat yourself to a hearty meal of traditional dim sum cooked with centuries-old recipes in Hong Kong. Hopefully, the locations that Best Hong Kong Restaurant For Dim Sum shared will be useful to you.