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Top Fun Things To Do in Taipei 2021

Fun things to do in TaipeiWelcome to our guide to fun things to do in Taipei. In this guide we’ll take you through everything unique and fun that this city has to offer that isn’t in most touristy guides, from waterfalls and volcano hikes to drinking the original bubble tea of Taiwan and even penis shaped waffles in Taipei’s many night markets.
Taipei is as cosmopolitan as Tokyo, London and NYC. Keep scrolling and you will find out more about this amazing and busy city. I have a summary for you with the Fun Things to Do in Taipei. Let’s exploce Top Fun Things To Do in Taipei 2021 below.

Top Fun Things To Do in Taipei 2021

Niu Dian Beef Noodles

Beef noodles are a must try dish in Taiwan, and there is nowhere better to get your first fix of the stuff than Niu Dian Beef Noodles. The restaurant uses a mix of local and international ingredients with the beef being imported from Australia and the bone marrow which takes 16 hours to cook sourced locally, all making for a mouth watering new spin on the nations favorite comfort food.
The noodles are so delicious Niu Dian has even earned a coveted spot as a Michelin’s guide restaurant. As the beef melts in your mouth, you’ll be calculating how many more times you can eat here before the end of your trip. Get there for opening time at 11am for an early lunch, this place is very popular with the locals and often gets crowded later in the day.

Top Fun Things To Do in Taipei 2021

Drink a Beer at the Northern Tip of Taiwan

New Taipei City, is its own city that surrounds Taipei, but the transport links between the two blur the lines and allow for easy access to all of New Taipei’s attractions, like this one, the Shimen Cave, historically this was the northern gate of Taiwan and it is the perfect spot for a selfie with the pacific ocean.
Explore the unique rock formations before taking the trail to the top of the free standing cave arch, then grab yourself a Taiwan beer and chill out on the beach for a few hours. How to get there: The Shimen Cave can be easily reached from Taipei Main Station by taking the MRT to Tamsui Station and then a bus toward Keelung stopping at the Shimen Cave Bus Stop.

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Watch a Film Inside the Old US Embassy Turned Cinema

This building was once the home to the US Embassy in Taipei but was left abandoned after the United States switched it’s recognition from the ROC to the Peoples Republic of China on the mainland. Thankfully the Taipei city government found a good use for it, transforming the grandeur of the one time embassy into a cinema for the locals. This is once of Top Fun Things To Do in Taipei 2021.
The Taipei Film House, is a movie theater in Zhongshan District, stays true to the unique setting, you wont find any Hollywood blockbusters playing here, only cool Asian indie films. You can get a ticket for less than NT$300. That is less than $10 US. Films are not subtitled in English so if you don’t speak Mandarin then, Go anyway, it’s worth it just for the experience itself. If you are lucky, you could watch Spirited away before heading to Jiufen.

Ride the Maokong Gondola to Taiwan Tea Heaven

The Taiwanese love tea, you can’t walk a few steps down the street in Taipei without spotting a dozen people holding there favorite brand of Bubble Tea.The traditional style of making tea still lives on in the mountains of southern Taipei and you can take a gondola there all the way to tea heaven.
Maokong is famous for it’s tea culture, historically this mountain top community provided the island with a big percentage of its tea. Nowadays, the tea plantations are gone but not the tea houses which still serve locals and tourists the old fashioned black and green tea in an idyllic setting with a beautiful view of Taipei as an added bonus. The gondola can be easily reached by taking the Wenshan Line to Taipei Zoo station and a round trip ticket on the gondola is reasonably priced at NT$240 or around $8 US.

Top Fun Things To Do in Taipei 2021