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Top Fun Things To Do in Tokyo 2021

This is Theguide to our fun things to do in Tokyo, Japan, from watching Sumo wrestlers go at it to anime museums, delicious Japanese street food and everything in between that the largest metropolis on Earth has to offer to the world. This Asian metropolis is one of the best cities in the world for you to visit. Its culture and its food are going to blow your mind.
Tokyo, a great mix from modern and traditional cultures in each corner, beautiful temples with hundreds of years of history, modern and gigantic buildings, parks with fantastic landscapes, and streets just like the best cities in the world, NYC, London and Paris. Let’s exploce Top Fun Things To Do in Tokyo 2021 below.

Top Fun Things To Do in Tokyo 2021

Morning Sumo Practice

If your trip is outside the months of January, May and September you won’t be able to see the Sumo tournaments which are held only three times per year during these months in Tokyo. No need to miss out though, you can take a tour of a Sumo Wrestler Stable and see the wrestlers train up close.
This tour is the only way to guarantee getting the full Sumo experience while in Tokyo with a local guide to explain all the moves to you as well as the history of the Sumo tradition. Remember the rules in the Sumo stable are quite strict during the tour as these morning practices are important training sessions for the Sumo wrestlers. Don’t try and jump in the ring with them during your tour unless your goal in Japan is to upset a Sumo wrestler, then go ahead.

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Go Kart around the Streets of Tokyo

Roam the streets of Tokyo in a motorcade of little red machines on a Costume go Kart tour. Most big cities have public bikes you can rent for cheap, Tokyo takes things to the next level upgrading the bike share to high speed go karts. Dress up and have a blast driving through the streets of Tokyo in a little red Go Kart.
You need an international drivers license to be able to sign up for the tour. Before, you could even dress up as Nintendo characters. Nintendo recently won a lawsuit against MariCar that operate these Go Karts, so you may not be able to dress up like Super Mario anymore but it’s still a blast driving through the streets of Tokyo in a little red Go Kart.

Top Fun Things To Do in Tokyo 2021

Cruise Ship From the Future Around Tokyo

Himiko’s cruise ships are a mix between space ship and lost submarine. Getting to see these ships up close is worth the ticket price in itself, the river cruise company have many routes to take along the rivers and throughout Tokyo Bay all providing for unique photo ops. Make sure you can get out of the space ship hull and enjoy the views from the open deck.

Top Fun Things To Do in Tokyo 2021

Ninja Akasaka

The funniest possible dinner available in Tokyo, maybe anywhere. Sadly there are no Ninjas in Japan anymore, well probably. Despite the lack of Ninjas though you can still have an authentic Ninja experience at Ninja Akasaka and be served by Ninja waiters and even take part in some Ninja training.
The food here does not disappoint and is worth the slightly high price. Price Meals range from 5000-20,000 ‎¥‎en but it still works out a bargain considering all the Ninja action around you. This is once of Top Fun Things To Do in Tokyo 2021.


Chill out in Shinjuku Gyeon

Odds are you’ll be spending a lot of time in Shinjuku, many of the things to do for fun in Tokyo are located in this part of the city. This Gyeon, Japanese for garden, is a place to take a break in the center of Shinjuku, a hidden treasure among the many skyscrapers of downtown.
You can explore three types of gardens here French, English and traditional Japanese. Head to a Konbini to stock up on some delicious picnic food and spend the afternoon relaxing in an oasis away from all the Shinjukus chaos. Price Entry is 200 ‎¥‎en, tickets can be purchased at the park entrances with last admission being 30 minutes before closing time at 4:30pm.